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World Egg Day with Evonik Industries

First ever participation of Evonik Animal Nutrition in the World Egg day initiative in Aid of Utho Ngathi Disability Projects.

The World Egg Day initiative began in Austria in 1996 and since then, every year in October, countries all around the world celebrate the day. With an estimated 1 billion underfed and undernourished people across the world, the aim is to educate people that eggs are an excellent, affordable and alternate source of high quality protein, with the potential to feed the world.

Evonik is a sponsor of the Utho Ngathi Disability Projects Inclusive Chicken Farm Macubeni in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa; it therefore seemed appropriate to have a fun and educational day out with the children. The event was held at Mac’s Farmyard in Johannesburg, with a very definite “egg” theme. On arrival, the children were each given a T-shirt with the logo “The perf-egg meal” printed on the back. Cuthbert Mamabolo, Regional Business Director Sub Saharan Africa Animal Nutrition opened the event with a short speech, which was followed by an interactive, fun and educational presentation about eggs. After that, the “egg-static” games began, with of course an egg-based meal.

Andreas Woerster, Managing Director of Utho Ngathi had this to say “We as Utho Ngathi would love to see this becoming an annual event, it really has been a huge success! I'm still excited that children of VERY different backgrounds connect easy with no difficulties. I had several observations where children with disabilities were engaged into conversations by children without disabilities even about their disabilities. Lots of questions were asked and I saw two of the Kids of Evonik staff members touching the feet of one young men in the wheelchair asking him if he can feel that and why he can't move his legs. I found that very encouraging and touching. The World Egg Day celebrations achieved a lot on different levels.”