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Evonik Golf Day Charity Fundraiser

Slowly we feel our winter is coming to an end. We are experiencing strong winds in Soweto; that’s a sign that August has started. Soon the Air will be filled with Yellow Dust, the Gold Dust of the old sand dunes of the Gold Mines blowing into Soweto. What a funny situation; Gold Dust in the Air!

We shouldn’t complain, sunshine for the last 3 months already and we had our Highlight in the Year Calendar of Utho Ngathi Disability Projects; the Evonik Charity Golf Day!


Perfect weather, 39 players, members of different business partners and customers of Evonik Industries, a good atmosphere amongst the organising committee and management of Evonik Industries Midrand and staff members of Utho Ngathi Disability Projects with smiles on their faces throughout the day made this Golf Day a perfect event. As disability awareness Wheelchairs produced by CE Mobility (proudly South African Wheelchair Manufacturer) were on display and the Manager of the Company present throughout the day.

This was the 3rd Annual Golf Day and we are thankful for all the support and encouraging words we receive on that day. After the perfect day of Golf, good talks amongst the participants and a great Buffet Dinner, Utho Ngathi Disability Projects had the opportunity to give a presentation about the work for the inclusion and betterment of livelihoods of persons with disabilities in South Africa and Zambia. All proceeds of the day and additional donations will be used to continue the implementation of the Inclusive Chicken Farm Macubeni. Persons with disabilities and other members of the villages of Macubeni in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa grow and sell 300 broiler chicken and 50 layer hens for the production of eggs. Very important aspects of this project are the inclusion of persons with disabilities into a sustainable economic development in a very rural village area, the provision of a good source of protein through chicken and eggs and the home based care program for the care and support for persons with disabilities in the 18 villages of Macubeni.

Soon after the Golf Day, two companies added additional donations, one company donated funds another company donated some boxes of solar lights for the usage in the village areas where Utho Ngathi is active.