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Life Journey: Disability in Rural South Africa

We are committed to supporting individuals with disabilities & driving positive change in our society. Persons with Disabilities in rural Africa are most vulnerable. Without access to their surrounding environment, the impossibility of access to assistive devices, and often considered a burden to their families, their inclusion is impossible. Barriers as being more than just physical obstacles it is important to have access to your home, your surrounding communities and its daily activities.



SADC sources maintain that at least 15% of its population consists of people with disabilities, with a population of 345 million (2018) in 16 countries, that means at least 50 Million people are living with a disability. Persons with disabilities are often socially excluded, inclusion is hardly an issue. They are often excluded from education and employment, immobilized by inadequate transportation, architectural barriers, housed in substandard living conditions, and denied long term healthcare



Our Life Journey Program is put in place to address challenges faced by persons with disabilities. Our on-the-ground experience throughout Southern Africa, especially in rural areas, enabled us to gain valuable insight into challenges and needs of persons with disabilities, resulting in their Inclusion. Out of this experience we developed the holistic Life Journey Program. Our Program focuses on 4 key areas, namely: Mobility, Accessibility, Community Based Rehabilitation & Educational Training.


Long-Term Impact

Our Program is developed to help fill the gap for individuals in need of interventions. It does not duplicate what is already in place, rather seeks to complement work being done by government and organisations that work with persons with disabilities and contributes to filling gaps that exist in meeting specialized needs. The Program is put in place to optimize resources that can be mobilized to assist persons with disabilities help themselves and places high priority on sustainable solutions.


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