Home Based Care

Our Home Based Care Training

The home based care project enables Utho Ngathi implementing a programme to regular follow up with persons with disabilities and their family to ensure that the awareness created is having the necessary impact. Family and community members are helped to understand disability and how to give the support and development that can make a huge difference to persons with disabilities and themselves. Utho Ngathi keeps touch with these households to continually assess progress and give ongoing assistance.

“Development” has been defined as the “unlocking of hidden potentials” in persons. Through this project person with disabilities are to be assessed in respect of their health status and the progress made with their disability. In addition, the family members and care givers are trained in basic therapy, inclusive practices and disability management. This project aims to encourage families of persons with disabilities and community members to actively involve persons with disabilities in family and community life while at the same time promoting activities that allows them to develop their skills and manage their disability to the full potential.

Utho Ngathi has developed a Home Based Care Training Manual and a well-equipped Home Based Care Kid Bag to attend to the specific needs of individual persons with disabilities. Trained home based carers carry out regular visits to persons with disabilities and give guidance and support to persons with disabilities and their families.