Sponsorship and Inclusion

Inclusion of persons with disabilities into everyday activities within their families and communities they live in involves practices designed to identify and remove barriers such as physical, communication, and attitudinal which restrict persons with disabilities to have full participation in society, the same as people without disabilities

The goal of Utho Ngathi’s disability inclusion projects is to see full, equal and meaningful participation of children and adults with disabilities in all spheres of society.

Inclusive development also minimises the risk of persons with disabilities becoming most vulnerable member of the society.

From the home based care project persons with disabilities are identified to benefit from being linked to specific sponsors so Utho Ngathi can provide individualised support in one or more of the following ways:

Ongoing support by establishing a relationship between the person with a disability and sponsor;

Meeting the physical needs of the person with a disability through for example an operation or the appropriate assistive device; 

Educational/ skills training arrangements which should where possible be on an inclusion basis i.e. being part of the mainstream education system;

Arrange for medical intervention where necessary; and

Provide for employment opportunities where possible.


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