_The Need For Research_

Comprehensive Research

To start implementing the A road to Changes progamme in communities is firstly essential to conduct a comprehensive research and administer questionnaires to households who have persons with disabilities and to the various institutions and the private sector in the area. Based on these research findings proposals will be presented on interventions that could be considered to achieve greater involvement of persons awith disabilities in the activities of their families as well as the local community.

Utho Ngathi realized the need to conduct comprehensive research on disability issues in all of Southern Africa. Current statistics are lacking information on perception issues, expectations for development, and knowledge of services and accessibility for persons with disabilities. This information enables Utho Ngathi and Partner Organisations to develop optimum programs for each area, country and region. 

The following will be the main outcomes of this research:

Establish the prevalence as well as the challenges of persons with disabilities;

Capture data on existing and trainable skills in the agricultural and business sector amongst persons with disabilities, their families and other community members

Propose intervention programmes on the basis of awareness raising, advocacy, inclusive programs in community activities, improved accessibility of services and infrastructures and sustainable economic developments in the region with the inclusion of persons with disabilities


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